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EPIC’s Photography Contest

EPIC is sponsoring a photo contest, and it’s open to all!

Here are the rules:

1) One entry per participant

2) Anyone may enter, including current and previous members of the EPIC staff.

3) All entries must be in SNAPSHOT form, *not* TEXTURE. The idea being that we’re looking for the best photographer, not the best post-production photoshop guru.

4) All entries must be submitted by January 15th, 2010. Entries must be placed in the submission box attached to an Official Entry Form at the contest site to be considered for the contest. Any entries sent directly to Tenyene Beaumont are subject to being lost by Linden Labs while she is offline or in Busy Mode. DO NOT send your entries directly. Please. Just “no”.

Here is the Location

5) Voting will take place between January 16th and January 31st, 2010. Submissions MUST be copy/mod/transfer so that they may be put up for general display. Entries may be any size up to 1024 x 1024. For pictures not having a 1:1 aspect ratio, please add the original resolution to the snapshot description or list it somewhere on the Official Entry Form.

6) Lindens will serve as votes for the respective entries. The photo receiving the most total votes (linden) as of MIDNIGHT, February 1st, 2010 will be declared the winner. The final prizes will be adjusted upward in proportion to the number of votes received (minus a minimal 10% house fee), see list of prizes below.


The only restriction is that since EPIC is by and large a breast fetish club, the subject of the photo should reflect that in some recognizable form, though final interpretation will be left to the individual photographer


1st Prize: 1000L + 50% of adjusted linden vote total. 1st Prize also guarantees the winner an opportunity to have a photoshoot with any EPIC Staff member of their choosing published in the first issue of “EPIC – The Magazine” to be published by the end of February 2010.

2nd Prize: 500L + 25% of adjusted linden vote total.

3rd Prize: 250L + 15% of adjusted linden vote total.

4th Prize: 100L + 10% of adjusted linden vote total.

Disclaimer from Tenyene Beaumont: I may have forgotten or omitted something from these rules. In the event that the rules need to be ammended, EPIC Management will make every good faith effort to honor the contest prizes and maintain a fair, competitive environment for all entries.

Best of luck, and get busy with those snapshots.

Tenyene Beaumont
Owner, EPIC


Getting the Perfect Skin Tone Match (Using Developer’s Tools) – Part Three

Major hat tip to Jennifer Vultee, owner of the Bad Kitty store, who provided this information.

It is indeed a much faster, and I suspect, safer method for you to apply a new skin to your boobies then the one I described in Part Two of this series

Rather then my manual method, which involves moving layers on the boobies. you can use the Universal Developer Kit that should have been included with your Implant Nation purchase.

I have only one caveat: while this system does work perfectly, you cannot tint the boobies using SLs editing tools, which are very good, unless you use the technique to get to the boob skin layer I described in Part Two of this series. If you’re pretty good with your photo editing tools however, you may not need to do anything but follow the procedure below.

Like my previous posts on this subject, it is assumed that have used a photo editor to modify the booby skin that is provided by product creator Bart Seymour. More info on this can be found in Part One of this series.

Here is Jennifer’s instructions for using the Developer Kit’s tools to put that texture on your boobies. It may look quite techy, but it’s much simpler then it appears:

1. Upload your new skin to SL.

2. Find the developer’s kit in the folder where you have your Universal Implants. The latest version is called Universal Implants Developer Kit v1.1. Rezz to ground, copy the contents to inventory.

3. Find the skin applier, it’s called SD Skin Applier Universal Implants 1.1

4. Drag the skin applier out of your inventory and rezz it to the ground. It will prolly look like a little green box.

5. Find your skin texture and right click it…Click Copy Asset UUID

6. Now go into edit the skin applier

7. Look for the skin_settings script in under the content tab.

8. Open the script and paste the UUID between the quotes on the line key texturekey=” ”

9. Save the script changes

10. Go to the General Tab, and rename the applier to something you’ll find memorable.

11. Close edit and touch the green box script applier…the new skins apply!

This definitely works and it’s a great way to work.

Good luck!

Pictorial: Melissa Yeuxdeux

With looks like hers, you can bet she’s it a lot: Yeuxdeux something to me, like nobody else can do…

Go, Melissa!

Would you like YOUR photos in my Gallery? Simply send them, via email only to:

Cindy Melgund’s Mail Box

My Scariest Moments: Talking Big Boobies With My Lover

I came to Second Life in June after spending quite a long time on a virtual world called RedLight Center. It was on RLC where I met my wonderful love, Whimsy, in July 2008. We were married in April 2009.

We had a wonderful time on RLC, many friends, a busy social life, and lots of laughs. We even dabbled a bit in creating our own larger breasts. But RLC avis, while quite lovely, don’t allow for anything like attachments or even system-based body shaping, other than height. So we played with a few photo tricks and shadowing to make our boobies appear a bit larger than normal.

By early summer, it was becoming very obvious to me that RLC simply couldn’t outgrow several limitations that I began to find annoying and damaging to the experience. So like many who were there, I came to SL, loved it, and began splitting time between locations.

Whim wasn’t convinced about SL. I won’t go into reasons, but suffice it to say that she wasn’t ready. So I made my time on SL basically into a scouting mission, learning as much as I could, finding cool places, fixing my look, the usual things noobies do I guess.

I’m a dancer. It’s very important to me. Not the tips…the SHOW. So when I felt ok about my looks I started to look for dance gigs. It was while scouring the clubs that I first came across girls with implants. I was instantly fascinated. WHY this was so I’ll leave to another post, but I loved the look and, honestly, they made a very loud statement to me: “I’m proud of my breasts! Take ’em or leave ’em!”

I sorta couldn’t help myself. I did a little research, talked to some girls, and decided that Implant Nation boobies were the best for me. I’ll never forget how nervous and excited I was when I first tried them on at the store. I looked atrocious, looking back, but just loved how they looked and how they made me feel.

I was quite shy about wearing them in public. I worried about what others might say or think. I got over that fast, but one big worry stayed in my head: what would my love think?

Back on RLC one night, I talked to her a little about it. It was lighthearted, but I recall telling her why I found the look so enjoyable and right for me. At this time she still wasn’t really in SL but she seemed generally OK with it all. Soon after, I ginned up my courage and posted my first picture where she could see how I looked.

She sorta chuckled, said something about how big they were, and asked a few general questions. I wasn’t sure, really, how she felt and dropped the subject. More important things were happening.

In SL, I had become a regular performer at Miss Barbies. Now with a decent wardrobe, I never went anywhere with my implants. Seems odd even saying that. It would have been like going out without my head. They are a part of me. I put up a few more pics where Whim could see me. She didn’t say much, and it was certainly not negative. More like noncommital.

In early October, she made the jump to SL. It was wonderful. Truly one of the happiest periods in my life. A second honeymoon filled with exploration and laughs and learning.

Except for shows, I hardly ever wore my boobies around her. It felt odd, like I was ashamed, but really I was more scared and I didn’t want anything to interfere with the glorious times we were having. But not long after, I had to know. Would she still love me, and feel the same way about me, when I was as I truly wanted to be?

As a side note, without getting toooooo personal, in RL, Whim and I are kinda different body wise. She’s kinda short, I’m kinda tall. We’re both skinny belinks as Mom would say. She’s cute and young, gorgeous, smart, sexy, a barrell of monkeys to be with, inquisitive, and did I mention, beautiful? And she’s bigger them me upfront. How much bigger? Nunya bidness. Not that I’ve ever cared about that (well, I do care but in ways that you’ll just have to keep to your imagination cuz I ain’t tellin’!). But I did wonder if the reversal of things would bug her. I worry about a lot of things.

So, we had a talk. I was petrified, but I had to know.

I’ll never, ever forget what she said:

“I love you, Cindy. And if you love how it all makes you feel and look, then I love that too.”

When you have someone like that in your life, you have found the top of the mountain. And the view from there is breathtaking.

We’ll be celebrating our 18th month together in January.

PS-Do you have a “Scariest Moment” as an implant girl? Drop me a line and I’ll publish it!

POLL: What is Your Favorite Personal Booby Size?

As a showgirl and a dancer, I’ve had the chance to see and meet a fairly large number of peeps in our community. It doesn’t take a whole of lot of contact with our gang to see that there is a very wide variety of implant sizes, just like in RL. And believe me, here in Southern California, you can see that on any beach or boardwalk.

Why some like to go just a bit over the stock largest size found on any AVI, while others go for the “Grand Tetons” is something we’ll explore a bit later.

But what is your favorite size? Whether it’s the one you use most often or the one that you just love most doesn’t matter. What matters is the size most pleases you.

Here’s another interesting question: if you were to estimate based on your look when at your favorite size, what do you think your real world cup size would be? Obviously, this can be a little hard to estimate, but looking at myself and comparing it to RL photos when wearing my favorite size (about 2050 cc), I believe that it is roughly the equivalent of an “F” (also known as DDD) cup size in the real world. But that’s just a guess.

Take the poll! And, as always, you’re welcome to send in comments and photos! If you want to send me a picture, email me at

Getting the Perfect Skin Tone Match – Part Two

In Part One of this series I discussed a technique for the OFFLINE matching of a booby skin to the skin it will be next to. Assuming you’ve done that, and gotten the very closest match possible, the next step is apply the skin to the breasts themselves.

UPDATE: Following the publication of this post, I was informed that there is a way to also apply a new skin using the Developer’s Kit that comes with your Implant Nation purchase. Jennifer Vultee supplied this information. It works and its much faster then the method I describe below. Even if you do not choose to use the technique I describe, it is still a good thing to know how your implants are put together. Jennifer’s method can be found here.

Doing this requires a comfort level in editing a prim object with several layers. It’s not hard, but it can seem a little scary the first time. So do yourself a very big favor. Make a copy of boobs as you have them NOW and store them in a folder in case of a disaster. Make another copy and put it a folder where you can find it for your work.

Upload the skin texture you modified (see part one) to SL the normal way. I like to use PNG versions of these files, but some people say that JPGs are safer. Your choice, I guess. So you don’t go crazy, I would put this file into the same folder as your working copy of your boobies. Or in another folder. But somewhere you’ll be able to find it fast.

Now to the fun. You have to get thru two layers – the tank top layer and the bra layer – on the boobies to get to the actual skin layers. Doing that requires you to MOVE these layers out of the way.

Before you begin, go to World, and set the Environment to Midday…that’s a great light to see what you’re doing.

Here is how the boobies will look when you first click on them to edit them (note: I have deliberately used a skin that does not match so you can see the difference as we go along):

Notice how complicated they really are.

Next, click the box in the editing menu that says “Edit Linked Parts” and then click the boobies…try just above the nipples. You should get a view that looks like this:

Two things to notice: a single blue outline around your boobies. This is the tank top layer. BUT to be absolutely sure, click on the General tab, the description should say: UIProtoNoNipples. That is for sure the bra layer. Now the scary part…we’re going to move it out of the way.

For safety and sanity, move the layer up or down ONLY. Like this:

Next comes the bra layer. Unlike the tank, which is a single layer, your bra is actually TWO layers, one on each breast. You have to move both.

While still in Edit Linked parts, click on one of the breasts. It should look like this and note that in General Tab it says Bra Layer.

If all looks correct move it…I prefer to move it UP and away from the tank layer for easy reclicking and moving later. It should now look like this:

Don’t worry about the tank layer, which you can’t see right now…it is there. Move the OTHER bra layer of the way now.

You are now at the skin layer. Like the Bra layer, the skin textures are seperate and on each boob. Select one so it looks like this and verify in General that it says, appropriately enough: Boob Right (or Left, depending).

Click the texture tab and you will see a small image of the boob skin in the left box. Click that box so it looks like this:

Navigate the texture inventory folders to the one that contains your new skin. (Full disclosure: The skin you see here is one I corrected specifically for my avi. The one made available in the first part of this series has not been touched in anyway)

Select that skin and PRESTO, new skin applied:

Now, if you were really, really good when you did your color matching OFFLINE in your photo editor, you’re done. But it’s likely you’ll need to do a bit more in the SL editor. If you do need to tweak, use the sliders and pickers. Once you have what you want, note down all of the numbers in the color tool…i.e, the numbers for the red, green, blue, hue, sat, and lum. You’ll use these same numbers to color correct the OTHER boob.

Do the other boob now, put in those numbers if need be, and you should have two perfectly matched ones.

Now we move the bra layers and tank layers back. Move the bra layer FIRST, Both of them. you’ll now they are about correct when the blue outline around each looks this way:

Finally move the Tank Layer back so it looks like this, and note the “air” around the perimeter:

Final cleanup work: Check that the tank is fitted right. If not, edit the boobies, edit linked parts and move it until it’s correct. Same with the bra. But remember: you need to move the tank out of the way first. Quick tip: leave the tank showing when you go to edit and move it…it’s much easier to do. Same with the bra…use the Hud to show the bra, THEN do the editing.

The last word: Is getting an absolute, dead-on match is it possible? I suppose if you are far more skilled with a photoeditor then me, it is possible. But keep in mind that skin shading on an avatar is tricky and it’s not easy to get the shadows, especially under the arms, just dead on. But you can get very close. And with a good photo editor and patience with the SL tools, which are quite good you can get a far better look then with the HUD…and that’s not meant as disrespect to Bart Seymour, who created these wonder products and has been amazingly generous.

Good Luck and I hope this helps.

PS: at some point I’ll move on to even more tricks with booby skins.
PPS: As mentioned in my update, I’ve received information about other techniques for applying skins. I welcome this information.
PPPS: I know there are peeps who will do skin matching for you. Some for free, some paid. Drop me a line if you have further information!

Hot New Oufits from Bad Kitty and MinkaMade

Hurry, hurry, we’ve gotten word about two hot new outfits just about to hit the street…

From Bad Kitty:
A smokin’ outfit called Deadly Desire that designer Jennifer Vultee says was “demanded” by the girls…I can see why! Goes on sale tomorrow. Details: Outfit to cost about 200L, and includes a dress on the jacket layer, shirt, undershirt, pants and prim skirt. Color choices expected to be black, red, sapphire and emerald. Booby top textures included, of course.

Bad Kitty Main Store

And from MinkaMade:

A very cute pink plaid look that is going to be released at 8 pm SLT, limited release ONLY. Pricing is expected to be 450L and the box includes a busty top, shirt, sport pants with miniskirt insert and matching shoes. The name? “Not Me!” Hurry over, these won’t last.

MinkaMad Store