Booby Basics: Creating, uploading and adding a new top to your outfit (part 1)

This post is the first in a series that is intended to get you to the point where you can create and add your own tops to your boobies. Read PART TWO for more information on creating a new top.

This tutorial about the Implant Nation boobs so I will apologize in advance that this tutorial doesn’t discuss other brands.

It has two goals:

1. To show you the basic structure of your boobies, with emphasis on the layer that contains your tank top.
2. To show you how to isolate the tank top layer.

Most of us who have bought good quality products from our marvelous vendors apply our tops with an application that the vendors include in the purchase. This is a great value-add and not to be minimized.

BUT you can also add your own top to your boobies manually. And if you want to create your own, you’ll need to know how. This is about manually adding your top.

Before we go any further, let’s look at the basic knockers:

Now, as you have no doubt discovered, the boobies are an attachment. They are composed of a number of parts. Let’s Edit them …(If you click the pic you’ll see this in a much larger image…)

Notice that in the texture box, it says “multiple”…that’s because there are a number of textures associated with the boobies, including the most important: the tank top layer, bra layer and skin layers…

Today, we’ll only look at the top tanktop layer, because that is the one that you’ll mostly work with if you want to add your own texture or color them (you can always color a tank in the IN HUD, but I like the SL tools better…your choice)

Now, before we even TOUCH the boobies, make sure you are working with a copy you can afford to trash. We’re gonna move stuff around.
To make this easy to see, go to your HUD and put on a tanktop.
Next select the boobies and do the Edit thing in the pie menu.
Now, check the box that says Edit Linked Parts and click on the the boobies so that you have only the top layer, the tank top layer, highlighted:

You can verify that you have the correct layer selected by hitting the General Tab in the editing box…It should say you are working on the UIProtoNoNipples.

Now, for this tutorial I selected a texture I had made for the boobies and placed it in the layer.

I know that some of you are saying: I want to make my own tops and do this too! Well you can. Bart has thoughtfully provided all the templates for the tops here:

You’ll find them in the file

They are a little difficult to work with as is, so I’ve made a set of them for you all that may be a little easier to work with in Photoshop or your graphics editing program: Cindy’s Mods of Bart’s Basic Clothing Templates Hopefully this file, which is about 5 Mb will download for ya!

Sadly, you do need to have a grapics editor to make tops, just as you do for nice clothing elsewhere in SL. But if you are familiar with graphics programs you’ll have a great time!

Next time: Steps in the Creation Process for an Original Booby top.


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  2. Posted by Steffi on January 9, 2010 at 1:15 am

    Thanks for this wonderful article. Now i understand how these things work,,,and i’ll be reading part 2 🙂


  3. […] is a much faster, safer method to put on a new texture then the manual methods I described in Part One and Part Two of my original series on adding a new top, though I do believe it’s still very […]


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