Getting the Perfect Skin Tone Match – Part Two

In Part One of this series I discussed a technique for the OFFLINE matching of a booby skin to the skin it will be next to. Assuming you’ve done that, and gotten the very closest match possible, the next step is apply the skin to the breasts themselves.

UPDATE: Following the publication of this post, I was informed that there is a way to also apply a new skin using the Developer’s Kit that comes with your Implant Nation purchase. Jennifer Vultee supplied this information. It works and its much faster then the method I describe below. Even if you do not choose to use the technique I describe, it is still a good thing to know how your implants are put together. Jennifer’s method can be found here.

Doing this requires a comfort level in editing a prim object with several layers. It’s not hard, but it can seem a little scary the first time. So do yourself a very big favor. Make a copy of boobs as you have them NOW and store them in a folder in case of a disaster. Make another copy and put it a folder where you can find it for your work.

Upload the skin texture you modified (see part one) to SL the normal way. I like to use PNG versions of these files, but some people say that JPGs are safer. Your choice, I guess. So you don’t go crazy, I would put this file into the same folder as your working copy of your boobies. Or in another folder. But somewhere you’ll be able to find it fast.

Now to the fun. You have to get thru two layers – the tank top layer and the bra layer – on the boobies to get to the actual skin layers. Doing that requires you to MOVE these layers out of the way.

Before you begin, go to World, and set the Environment to Midday…that’s a great light to see what you’re doing.

Here is how the boobies will look when you first click on them to edit them (note: I have deliberately used a skin that does not match so you can see the difference as we go along):

Notice how complicated they really are.

Next, click the box in the editing menu that says “Edit Linked Parts” and then click the boobies…try just above the nipples. You should get a view that looks like this:

Two things to notice: a single blue outline around your boobies. This is the tank top layer. BUT to be absolutely sure, click on the General tab, the description should say: UIProtoNoNipples. That is for sure the bra layer. Now the scary part…we’re going to move it out of the way.

For safety and sanity, move the layer up or down ONLY. Like this:

Next comes the bra layer. Unlike the tank, which is a single layer, your bra is actually TWO layers, one on each breast. You have to move both.

While still in Edit Linked parts, click on one of the breasts. It should look like this and note that in General Tab it says Bra Layer.

If all looks correct move it…I prefer to move it UP and away from the tank layer for easy reclicking and moving later. It should now look like this:

Don’t worry about the tank layer, which you can’t see right now…it is there. Move the OTHER bra layer of the way now.

You are now at the skin layer. Like the Bra layer, the skin textures are seperate and on each boob. Select one so it looks like this and verify in General that it says, appropriately enough: Boob Right (or Left, depending).

Click the texture tab and you will see a small image of the boob skin in the left box. Click that box so it looks like this:

Navigate the texture inventory folders to the one that contains your new skin. (Full disclosure: The skin you see here is one I corrected specifically for my avi. The one made available in the first part of this series has not been touched in anyway)

Select that skin and PRESTO, new skin applied:

Now, if you were really, really good when you did your color matching OFFLINE in your photo editor, you’re done. But it’s likely you’ll need to do a bit more in the SL editor. If you do need to tweak, use the sliders and pickers. Once you have what you want, note down all of the numbers in the color tool…i.e, the numbers for the red, green, blue, hue, sat, and lum. You’ll use these same numbers to color correct the OTHER boob.

Do the other boob now, put in those numbers if need be, and you should have two perfectly matched ones.

Now we move the bra layers and tank layers back. Move the bra layer FIRST, Both of them. you’ll now they are about correct when the blue outline around each looks this way:

Finally move the Tank Layer back so it looks like this, and note the “air” around the perimeter:

Final cleanup work: Check that the tank is fitted right. If not, edit the boobies, edit linked parts and move it until it’s correct. Same with the bra. But remember: you need to move the tank out of the way first. Quick tip: leave the tank showing when you go to edit and move it…it’s much easier to do. Same with the bra…use the Hud to show the bra, THEN do the editing.

The last word: Is getting an absolute, dead-on match is it possible? I suppose if you are far more skilled with a photoeditor then me, it is possible. But keep in mind that skin shading on an avatar is tricky and it’s not easy to get the shadows, especially under the arms, just dead on. But you can get very close. And with a good photo editor and patience with the SL tools, which are quite good you can get a far better look then with the HUD…and that’s not meant as disrespect to Bart Seymour, who created these wonder products and has been amazingly generous.

Good Luck and I hope this helps.

PS: at some point I’ll move on to even more tricks with booby skins.
PPS: As mentioned in my update, I’ve received information about other techniques for applying skins. I welcome this information.
PPPS: I know there are peeps who will do skin matching for you. Some for free, some paid. Drop me a line if you have further information!


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  3. Posted by Karen on June 23, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    hi i have tried doing this procedure with my Lolas implants but the base texture does not match the lolas… i was sucessfull with the matching though! do u have any texture that matches the lolas pls?


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