Getting the Perfect Skin Tone Match (Using Developer’s Tools) – Part Three

Major hat tip to Jennifer Vultee, owner of the Bad Kitty store, who provided this information.

It is indeed a much faster, and I suspect, safer method for you to apply a new skin to your boobies then the one I described in Part Two of this series

Rather then my manual method, which involves moving layers on the boobies. you can use the Universal Developer Kit that should have been included with your Implant Nation purchase.

I have only one caveat: while this system does work perfectly, you cannot tint the boobies using SLs editing tools, which are very good, unless you use the technique to get to the boob skin layer I described in Part Two of this series. If you’re pretty good with your photo editing tools however, you may not need to do anything but follow the procedure below.

Like my previous posts on this subject, it is assumed that have used a photo editor to modify the booby skin that is provided by product creator Bart Seymour. More info on this can be found in Part One of this series.

Here is Jennifer’s instructions for using the Developer Kit’s tools to put that texture on your boobies. It may look quite techy, but it’s much simpler then it appears:

1. Upload your new skin to SL.

2. Find the developer’s kit in the folder where you have your Universal Implants. The latest version is called Universal Implants Developer Kit v1.1. Rezz to ground, copy the contents to inventory.

3. Find the skin applier, it’s called SD Skin Applier Universal Implants 1.1

4. Drag the skin applier out of your inventory and rezz it to the ground. It will prolly look like a little green box.

5. Find your skin texture and right click it…Click Copy Asset UUID

6. Now go into edit the skin applier

7. Look for the skin_settings script in under the content tab.

8. Open the script and paste the UUID between the quotes on the line key texturekey=” ”

9. Save the script changes

10. Go to the General Tab, and rename the applier to something you’ll find memorable.

11. Close edit and touch the green box script applier…the new skins apply!

This definitely works and it’s a great way to work.

Good luck!


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  1. […] Following the publication of this post, I was informed that there is a way to also apply a new skin using the Developer’s Kit that comes with your Implant Nation purchase. Jennifer Vultee supplied this information. It works and its much faster then the method I describe […]


  2. Posted by Nobody on February 3, 2010 at 1:01 am

    How do you upload your skin to SL? And can you do this with Ecorp too? I only have a tint grabber, no texture programs. I have Gimp though, would that work? (I also have the Universals, just don’t use them.)


  3. Uploading a booby skin is exactly the same as uploading any other image. For the Universals it’s possible to apply it both manually, or as has been outlined, by using a simple prim that contains the script to apply the skin, which is the preferred way.

    Gimp would certainly work. Basically, if your new to, or a beginner with photo editing tools, the way to think about it is that your really just “tinting” but with much finer control. You can do this in the “colors” menu in gimp. Just be very very slow and careful, because you probably won’t need to darken or add much.

    It’s a very very good idea to get a clear, nakee pic of you taken in midday light (use a screen grab tool like PicPic, which is free to capture the image and have on your hard drive) so you can do a close skin match.

    Take you time and ALWAYS work with a copy of your boobies, never the original!

    Good luck


  4. Posted by Nobody on February 6, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    Ok, nude pic in good nighting with PicPic screen grabber. Question is what exactly am I focusing on? My entire chest? Or just a certain spot there? Or one breast only, nipple closeup? And save as TGA file I guess? Already know how to add it once I have texture finished I think. Just the texture making itself is what I’m new at. Been a great help so far and I appreciate it.


  5. Posted by Nobody on February 6, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    You wouldn’t have a link to some screen grabber downloads I could try would you?


  6. First step: Establish as best you can what the front of your skin looks like. Do this by taking a nude pic of you in midday light. Zoom in as close as you can to one entire breast up to your neck. The skin match is critical just above where your boobs touch your skin…so you need to know what that really looks like

    Can save as either TGA or PNG, I personally use PNGs. Take your time. It’s likely to take many trials to get it right.

    Good luck!


  7. […] Posted by Cindy Melgund in Booby Basics, Clothing, How-to & Tips. Leave a Comment Major hat tip to Jennifer Vultee, owner of the Bad Kitty store, who provided this information. I wrote about this same technique for applying a new skin. […]


    • Posted by Viperilla on February 16, 2011 at 7:34 am

      please can you tell if same can be done for eBoobs?

      I guess the in-world editing described in part 2 is almost universal for all implants, other than for prim differences.

      eBoobs do not include a devkit like UI, but i feel safe in sl editing to follow the p.2 way, or maybe apply the skin using the tinting ball of eBoobs (i’ll try if it’s possible to use em for texture add other than for tinting).

      What i am unsure is if the skin you provide in part 1 can be used for other implants or is UI specific? If no, do you know of a similar template for eBoobs?

      Thank you.


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