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Dealing with Bitches

Once in a blue moon, and it is ALWAYS with women, you run into that nasty bitch who makes it a point to attack you. Ever notice this? It’s never men. Always a woman.

I ran into one last night.

I was minding my own business, just doing a little exploring, when I found what seemed to be an interesting place to go ice skating at some point with my baby. I got there on my cute pink motorcycle…

Anyway, I got on the pond and was simply walking across it to check out a building when out of nowhere the woman deliberately ran up to me and kicked me, karate-style. It wasn’t friendly or intended to be funny. It was deliberate and ugly. But I was determined to see the inside of this building. She did it again on the steps. Now normally, I’d say something. But I was in something of a hurry and she’s meaningless to me, not to mention obviously disturbed. She had a few “friends” around her.

I knew she’d say something because my lack of acknowledgment had to be driving her crazy. As I was leaving she says “Hey, those are some gigantic tits you got there, bitch.”

I really hadn’t intended to get into it, but something inside me said that this bully was in serious need of some pushback.

I walked toward her, gathering my thoughts and said, “Yeah, you like them don’t ya?”

She says, “I’m going to anally rape you”

So I responded “Great idea, your place or mine?”

Her friends started laughing…at her. This really set her off. She gets in my face and says “How about you suck my pussy?”

I said, “I would, but your dick would get in the way.”

She got all flustered, and probably was red-faced with anger as she sat at home, all alone and terrified that her own inadequacies would be exposed any second.

Finally she replied with the fabulous, and totally expected, gem of a comeback “Fuck you, bitch”

All too easy: “Absolutely, but not with you,” I said. “Try the horse barn down the street.”

By this point, her friends or whoever they were, were hooting and chuckling. My guess is that not many have stood up to this person. I got on my bike while she was cursing at me and said, “Hop on, Mr. Ed is getting anxious”…and drove off.

Did I care that I’d been attacked? Of course I did, and told my baby a little bit about it that night. But it felt awfully good turning the tables.

Getting harassed in the virtual world is pretty uncommon. But it does happen. Our natural tendency in RL is to shrink from bullies, because we’re afraid of getting hurt, especially physically. But in the virtual world, a bully can’t hurt you physically…only verbally, and emotionally, if you allow it.

Bullies thrive on showing off to friends. They need to prove that they aren’t who they really are, pitiful, inadequate losers riven with doubts about themselves. But consider this: once a bully attacks, they’ve exposed themselves to counter-attack. They don’t expect it, they think you’ll fold. But when you don’t fold they can be quickly turned into the person they really are: inarticulate, floundering, and stupid.

Most of the time, simply ignoring is sensible…who has time really to deal with jerks. Muting them is useful too. It’s less than satisfying, but at least it ends the situation.

But if you want to fight back, a good approach is turn whatever it is they’re sayng back on them. Find a weakness in their words. Take a few seconds to read what they just said and turn it back on them. They’ll get flummoxed and will resort to banal insults (“Fuck you!” see above for response)

Damage THEIR self-esteem for a change. A quick scan of their avi can be a gold mine. Leave THEM sputtering and searching for a comeback. Seriously, do you really CARE what they think?

Then nuke them.


The Face Light Trick & Skin Tinting

Skin tinting continues to bedevil most of us and for good reasons. It’s simply very, very hard for all but those who are very skilled in graphics tools, like Photoshop, to get what we REALLY want: an invisible connection of our implants to our Avi bodies.

Unless you use one of those very cheap skins with little or no shading, it’s just not going to happen. Even if you’re great at Photoshop, you STILL have to deal with the changing light in SL. What may look perfect in midday light, may not look so seamless in the evening or morning. You can get very, very close (See my series on Tinting) but in the end, you’ll see the seams and probably notice that your projections are not quite looking so well color matched.

There is a partial answer, one I ALWAYS use: face lights.

Yes, I know that you can totally destroy a scene and really anger people if you use face lights that are too intense and have too wide an effect. You don’t need to do that and you don’t need to spend money to get a great effect, one that will hide the major seams in your boobies.

First, what exactly ARE face lights and how do they work? I would STRONGLY advise that you read this post which explains how the illuminate, what to avoid, and best of all…how to make your own.

I’d recommend attaching your face light to your chin or mouth, because as the above author notes, glasses often use the nose for an attachment point. The trouble with either of those places that your head moves independently of your body…and that means the light will move accordingly and will at times light up only part of the top seam on your boobies. The chest or spine are actually much better locations, but since the chest is where most of us attach our boobies (it’s the default location for Implant Nation), that’s out. The spine is a good alternative, but then that knocks out it’s use for other stuff, like jewelry or garment prims.

What’s a girl to do? Well, how about linking the face light directly to the boobies themselves? Stay tuned for more on this as I’m planning a tutorial on how to do that as well.

I personally find face lights (which you can buy or get for free), to be indispensable. My personal photo, which is on my “About Cindy” page and shown below, is an unretouched picture using a free face light from Alady. If you look really closely, yes you can see the delineation between my body and my boobies. But unless you get THAT close (no jokes please!) it’s pretty hard to see, in my biased opinion.

Poll: How Much A Part of Your Life is Being Big Booby?

Are you a 100% Big Booby girl, i.e., you never go anywhere with your implants? Or are you more of a part-time person? Take the poll and, if you have time, add a comment about your lifestyle choice. Remember: when you share information and insight, it’s good for ALL of us!

Going Huge: Why Do You Do It?


I recently ran a poll here asking peeps to tell us all what their average breast size is. I was, to say the least, a bit surprised by the results.

At last count 56 48% said 3000 cc and over. That really is LARGE.

Normally, I go at about 2050 cc which I estimate to be about a size DDD or F cup size. In real life, that would be very noticeable on the street, but not otherworldly. Most of the dancers at my club, Miss Barbies, also tend to stay somewhere under 2100.

But SL isn’t the street, I realize that. And, I also realize that there are guys out there (and prolly chicas too) who really LOVE their babes to have Godzilla-size hooters.

I’m NOT being critical here. To each her own, and God bless ya. BUT, I’m super curious to know why you extremely large girls choose to go in that direction. Now, I’m completely discounting peeps who go super-duper-mega for show purposes. Again, I understand that, I even have some regular customers who totally insist on me going way past 3000. But that’s for a show, that’s not day-in, day-out.

So talk to me…and talk to your sisters. There is no judging here. I’m with you. But this is SO interesting…

Comment here…

Love you all.