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Big Booby Girls RAWKIN’!

My club bizness partner Barbie is not only one of the great, great dancers in SL, she’s also a musician. And she’s crazy fun. She’s been saying for weeks that we need a band at Miss Barbie’s Big Booby Club and I truly did not know what the hell she meant.

I found out last night. We set up a stage, with amps and mics and drums and an organ…got a nice dance area, complete with a good dance ball. And then we it UP! That’s Barbie11us Axel in the shades and jeans on the left on her hot lead guitar, the awesome emilybee Baxton on the drums, Minka Pearl on the keyboards and moi on rhythm guitar.

We’ll be rockin’ at Miss Barbie’s regularly…I’ll put up a schedule soon…lots of laughs and dancing girls and friends.

Drop on by!


They said it…

From Tenyene Beaumont: “Breasts, regardless of size, are only as attractive as the person they are attached to.”

Interview With Bunny: Hot, New Booby Girl!

I spent a little time last week talking to Bunny Gracemount, a nice young lady who recently joined SL and has embraced the big booby community totally. She’s cute, smart, and very hot! She’s now one of the top dancers at Miss Barbie’s Big Booby Club

Bunny was, and is extremely young on SL, BUT she did the right things very early on: a good shape, good skin, and nice hair. She looks great and, while these pics are recent, even since then she’s continually upgraded her appearance.

I thought her insights might be interesting to all of us…

Cindy Melgund: When did you join SL?

Bunny Gracemount: About a week ago

Cindy Melgund: OK, never been here before that?

Bunny Gracemount: No, never

Cindy Melgund: what interested you in trying it out?

Bunny Gracemount: I’d heard about it in so many places… read stories about it. I remember seeing it on “The Office” LOL. I just thought… it might be interesting

Cindy Melgund: Oh the one with the second life in second life?

Bunny Gracemount: Yes, that one!

Cindy Melgund: That all makes sense now,doesn’t it?

Bunny Gracemount: It does, yes

Cindy Melgund: So what were first days like?

Bunny Gracemount: Scary and exciting. I don’t think I had any idea it was so big… and so.. just so you could go anywhere and do anything. And also, a lot to learn. I spent a lot of time with giant boxes on my head, let me tell you that! So even with all the places to go, and all the people… it felt sort of lonely

Cindy Melgund: so how did you find Barbies?

Bunny Gracemount: Well, I was wandering around a lot… just trying to go where people were? And a lot of times I was made to feel like I was interrupting. Bunny Gracemount: I think I saw a picture of Barbie? Or in a search? Anyway… I just decided to see what it was. Bunny Gracemount: I’m so glad I did

Cindy Melgund: How come?

Bunny Gracemount: When I first walked in, the place looked so nice and welcoming… and then right away, you and Barbie saw that I was new and asked me if I had any questions. That made me feel so terrific

Cindy Melgund: awww

Bunny Gracemount: I was probably a day away from quitting if I hadn’t found this place

Cindy Melgund: So, I assume you hadn’t met any big booby girls before?

Bunny Gracemount: No, I hadn’t! One guy who I met wandering around said to me “You need bigger tits if you wanna make any money around here. Bunny Gracemount: I thought he was teasing me. 🙂 I didn’t even know there were big booby girls here.

Cindy Melgund: haha, well that guy was full of it, but ok

Bunny Gracemount: And I know this will sound funny.. but after I got over how amazing you guys looked… I sort of didn’t even think of you guys as big booby girls. I just thought of you as wonderful people who I was so happy to be around.
Of course, then you guys started chanting “make over!” and that was it for me!

Cindy Melgund: hahahaha

Cindy Melgund: So what did you think when you first tried your implants?

Bunny Gracemount: Oh my god… can I make a confession?

Cindy Melgund: of course!

Cindy Melgund: This is for our community

Bunny Gracemount: In RL… the size zero boobs here are way bigger than me.

Cindy Melgund: yeah, me too!

Bunny Gracemount: So when Barbie bought me them and told me to put them on… at first I was like, “well, i don’t know if this is for me”… but then…. I loved them. Bunny Gracemount: I really do.

Cindy Melgund: yeah

Bunny Gracemount: I mean, isn’t that what SL is supposed to be about? A whole second life?

Cindy Melgund: that’s right!

Bunny Gracemount: I love being a big booby girl. I absolutely love it. Even just saying that.. is making me smile

Cindy Melgund: yeah, it’s interesting, when I first showed Whimsy, my love…I was scared

Bunny Gracemount: Where you here a long time before you got your boobs?

Cindy Melgund: ummm mebbe like two months?

Bunny Gracemount: Oh, cool. For me.. I was alone. I didn’t have a place to go… or an identity. And you guys took me in and did all this great stuff for me…I was honored.

Cindy Melgund: We believe in you

Bunny Gracemount: You’re going to make me cry. Seriously.

Cindy Melgund: What was the biggest challenge when you committed to big boobs

Bunny Gracemount: well… i’d only been here a week, so since I had no money my shopping was basically window shopping. LOL

Cindy Melgund: right!

Bunny Gracemount: But the challenge was when I got these… I realized there were no clothes that would fit… especially nothing free.

Cindy Melgund: right, that’s right

Bunny Gracemount: And my favorite price when I got here was “free 99” LOL

Bunny Gracemount: So I was lucky you guys were generous. because even now, I only have a few outfits… and all the free stuff I took I can’t use

Bunny Gracemount: The other thing I noticed is that people would make fun of them …girls mostly.

Cindy Melgund: Always women

Bunny Gracemount: I can see why some people don’t wear them all the time.

Cindy Melgund: I do…I don’t give a shit

Bunny Gracemount: But you know what? This is my second life… they aren’t clothing. They’re part of me now… forever.
I’m never taking them off.

Cindy Melgund: yeah, me too…and I have ways to respond to assholes

Bunny Gracemount: I am a big booby girl, and I love it

Cindy Melgund: that’s right!

Bunny Gracemount: Hee hee, look at me now. 🙂

Cindy Melgund: hahaha

Bunny Gracemount: This outfit doesn’t look great when you go really big… that’s what Im finding.

Bunny Gracemount: They need good designers to make things for us.

Cindy Melgund: well like I said, I normally stay around 1800 to 2050 off stage

Bunny Gracemount: Yes, you both told me that so I’ve been around there too.

Bunny Gracemount: You guys are like the Big Booby Jedi masters… and I’m the … whatever the word is for the Jedi student.

Cindy Melgund: read my blog and you’ll find things there about building tops and you can also make tops with the HUD

Bunny Gracemount: I did .. but I think I’m not quite comfortable with all the things here yet. But I want to be

Cindy Melgund: Takes a while but do try you “normal” outfits…and see if you can make a top you like with the HUD.There are like 14 stock tops in there.

Cindy Melgund: So, what are you early aspirations as a dancer?

Bunny Gracemount: Well.. mostly not to bump into people on the stage.. especially as I get used to my new size

Bunny Gracemount: But seriously… to have fun.. and to be an asset to you and Barbie and the club. And also… you know.. this girl loves to shop. So I hope I can make some money. I’d like to get an apartment at some point. That seems like a nice thing to do.

Cindy Melgund: do you have a place to change now?

Bunny Gracemount: No.. I mean, I still have nowhere.

Cindy Melgund: ok well you can use here of course….but I have an LM to nice place that’s free. I used that place for a few months before I was ready for my own place. Changing areas, nice girls

Bunny Gracemount: Hee he

Cindy Melgund: ok now is it ok if I say your from the east coast in story?

Bunny Gracemount: Oh sure

Cindy Melgund: and that you’re 32?

Bunny Gracemount: Yes, fine with me

Bunny Gracemount: But also… I’m 8 days old… or whatever it is now.. and that’s what matters. And where am I from? Barbie’s.

Cindy Melgund: Yeah you doing better than I did!

Bunny Gracemount: Only doing better because of you and Barbie… you’re like my older sisters!

Cindy Melgund: what you mean “older”?

Bunny Gracemount: Hee hee

Bunny Gracemount: Oh can I say one more thing?

Cindy Melgund: Absolutely

Bunny Gracemount: The way you and Barbie are so generous with me… if I ever become successful here I’m going to make sure I do the same thing with new people I meet

Cindy Melgund: well yes, honey , you should do that…peeps helped me, and Barbie in early days. That’s important to give something back.

Bunny Gracemount: I will. I promise