A Fast Way To Add A Booby Top Tank Top Texture

Major hat tip to Jennifer Vultee, owner of the Bad Kitty store, who provided this information. I wrote about this same technique for applying a new skin.

This is a much faster, safer method to put on a new texture then the manual methods I described in Part One and Part Two of my original series on adding a new top, though I do believe it’s still very important to know how that works too, if only to understand the way clothing actually fits on your top.

So to begin, first you need a regular top and a texture for your boobies (duh!). To make it easy, I’ve provided a free psychedelic shirt you can wear by going to appearance, create a new shirt, and dragging this image into the texture box:

Here is the Booby Top texture that goes with it:

Next Steps

1. Upload your booby texture to SL.

2. Find the developer’s kit in the folder where you have your Universal Implants. The latest version is called Universal Implants Developer Kit v1.1. Rezz to ground, copy the contents to inventory.

3. Find the Clothing applier, it’s called SD Clothes Applier Universal Implants 1.1

4. Drag the Clothing applier out of your inventory and rezz it to the ground. It will prolly look like a little red glowing box.

5. Find the booby clothing texture in inventory and right click it…Click Copy Asset UUID

6. Now go clothes applier on the ground and EDIT it

7. Look for the skin_settings script in under the content tab.

8. Open the script and paste the UUID between the quotes on the line key texturekey=” ”

9. Save the script changes. Let it do its scripty work.

10. When that’s done go to the General Tab, and rename the applier to something you’ll find memorable.

11. Close edit and touch the red box script applier…the new texture applies!

This definitely works and it’s a great way to work.

Good luck! It’s cool, man…


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