Bart Seymour: The Interview

Bart at Miss Barbies Big Booby Club

We recently caught up with Bart Seymour, the inventor of spectacular Implant Nation Universals and Multiclothing implants, at Miss Barbies Big Booby Club to find out more about his background, interests and of course, future plans and product releases, the long awaited Implant Nation Universals 1.0.

While there are several excellent competitors today, Seymour’s Implant Nation products remain both affordable and of extremely high quality. And their inventor is a talented programmer and artist who deeply believes in open source programming and has made a great many tools available to developers at his Implant Nation website. He is also making available for you geeky types much of the API for the newΒ  products.

What got you interested in designing and creating the Implant Nation products?

Well it all started when i was 14 years old, i got fascinated by how woman could enlarge their breasts. I basically saw a video with Lolo Ferrari, Camping Cosmos. But that fascination had one big downside: I got only attracted to girls with large chests (DD+). Which is basically not a good thing πŸ™‚

My history comes with lot of art, but in the end i dropped out of school. A week after I stopped school I got a job as web designer/programmer. My programmer skills evolved and the last 6 years i was mainly programming. In that period i did a lot of 3D rendering of large chested girls. As I was a gamer by nature, I started playing Second Life. In that period, sculpts did not exist. Mainly round spheres that where attached to avatars, which sometimes looks good, granted. But most times the lines were too hard and the breasts of the avatar did not have enough polygons, making them squarish. When I heard of sculpts and they where out on the beta viewer, I test drove it there. I perfected my scripting and built my first implants when sculpts where officially released.

In the beginning, they were just bare breast sculpts. But as people required clothing it evolved to Multiclothing Implants. This was the beginning of the Implants era in Second
Life, finally allowed to have clothing.

Revenue aside, what have been your main goals in developing these products?

Because i hated the fact that breast size was limited and the polygons of avatars on chest where limited (thus Lindens limited breast size because over DD the squarish breasts started looking uglier). I wanted to make very simple implants that where meant to have clothing embedded in them.

What were the major challenges in creating them? Design? Skin tones? Scripting? The HUD?

SKINS! The lighting system in < 2.0 viewer is horrible, many “attachment” makers have problems with it.

For example, you make red pants and a red dynamic attachment skirt in the same red (yes exactly the same color), it still looks awkward. Avatars are rendered lighter then the rest in Second Life. This is because Lindens are using OpenGL, making it work on Mac and Linux. This is not bad. But DirectX is a better choice for more accurate shadowing. DirectX 10 has realtime shadowing these days, whch is great! BUT Lindens are never going to use it, OpenGL wise.

The 2.0 Viewer looks promising, the artificial lighting on the avatar is fixed, which means you can make skins for the avatar and breasts with the same color (YES FINALLY AFTER 3 YEARS!).

Scripting came naturally, lots other attachment makers inspired me. I created the HUD with the idea having a database of skins/clothing that everyone could use. I’m still perfecting the system so everyone can share skins/clothing for free if they like. But they also are gonna get the option to sell their skins/clothing through

How did you research the implants? It’s clear that a lot of thought went into them, what guided you in the work? Did you rely on any particular sources of information?

I focused in the first case on changing size, second came skins. Because sculpts have much more polygons to use, you could basiclly grow any size you like (up to 10m) πŸ™‚ My main inspiration became DeviantArt, lots of artists there that create lots of big boob drawings. Lots of big bust models are also a main inspiration.

For those who have been around from the start, what have been the various versions?

Mmmmm i lost track of them too, I started with Multiclothing Implants (MCI) version 0.2, that evolved to MCI 1+. The options exploded menu wise, all the ideas I got I implemented. The new Universal Implants where named because i wanted them even more open source, more shape changing and with a better clothing system.

So I created a HUD, but I’m currently reworking the whole system with a database that supports shapes/skins combinations that will basically allowing you to have any type of breasts (droopy, perky, round). This is still in development, but the whole system is gonna work with an open source API (with security of course). With this system you can control anything on your breasts script-wise and notecard-based wise (for clothing/shape/skin vendors in the future)

What were the major advances in the most important releases?

MCI 1.6 and the Universal Implants of course. The bulge bikini was also interesting, because its the first attempt to make a bulging look for the implants.

What were the biggest disappointments?

Not much, the only disappointments I have are with the Lindens. Their focus lies on L$ and, most important, “rent”, they just focus on Land and other stuff rather then focus on avatars. They seems to keep stuck in time πŸ™‚ Most times they are basically fixing bugs instead of inventing new things, which is not good. If you want to keep your product good, you need to keep inventing. Not duplicating πŸ™‚

As you may know, to many of us you’re a revered figure. But what most pleases YOU about this work?

The feeling that lots of ladies in SecondLife can live their fantasy. Lots of girls love to look super busty πŸ™‚

You make a great many of the core elements of your products free and open source, I’m thinking of the developer’s kit particularly. Why do you do that?

Well I’m currently developing a developer kit that allows you to make skins/clothing/sculpts for the Universal Implants. The only part that I want to keep a bit “closed” system is the scripting. But with the new API, the Universal Implants are becoming more and more opens ource. My main goal is to make them compatible with as many products as possible inside SL. Like Restrained Viewer, for example.

Obviously, the question on all our minds is the new release…What will it be called and please describe, in as much detail as possible, the new features and enhancements? What will it cost new owners? Is this a free upgrade for current owners?

Release date will be around begin April, first week of April, I’m currently moving in RL and I’m settled around the end of March. Then I’ll have plenty of time to focus on Second Life only.

Yes the new API allows you to build custom attachments. With a script the attachments like nipple rings get positioned correctly. Basically you wear the nipple rings on your spine attachment point, the boobs communicate with that attachment and position the rings correctly according to the current breast size. So a new niche is born: nipple rings.

Finally: I also make clothing, strictly for Universals. I’ve gotten requests for MultiClothing. Is there a different tool I need to get to automatically apply a texture to them?

Yes, basicly you can use a texture program like Photoshop CS4, you can download the OBJ file from the site and basicly paint directly onto them. For automatic applying, the new API allows you to make custom Appliers, for example, change boob shape, skin, clothing and size all in one script that a vendor sells. The possibilities are endless.

The new release will be version 1.0, this is because of the major overhaul of the whole system. For more information about what the API can do, watch this page closely:

Iim currently working on Universal Implants but im also revamping the MultiClothing implants a bit. The MCI Gold Edition (launching with the new update of Universal Implants) will cost around 600L$ with the tinting HUD included (fixed).

The Universal Implants will cost the same 800L$, they will come with the HUD, Implants, Developer Kit and more documentation. The new version will work with an API system, so i have to completely reprogram the HUD and internal system. Because in the new API you can even sell sculpts, the clothing vendors need to have correct mapping, I’m gonna keep a close look at that.

The new API also allows you to have external stimuli, for example: you can create a tipping star that allows your breast size to increase with each payment to it. You can for example create a Hypnotizer that enlarges your chest. You can make a script that makes your breasts bigger at certain hours/day and smaller during other hours. The possibilities with the new API are endless!

Can you tell us about any projects in the pipeline (like the augmentation gun, for example)…and concepts we might later see turned to reality?

Bart uses the "augmentation gun" on Miss Barbie!

Bart uses the "augmentation gun" on Miss Barbie!

Like i said before the API allows you to control virtually anything on the implants. Colored milk, dripsize, breastsize, nipple size, nipple rings > For more info:

The Augmentation gun is a experiment that i could not release yet to the public (because the security is completely not implemented), but it gives you a idea how the new API is gonna work, you use a setting in the hud that basicly says: “Allow growth/shrink with bullets” and everyone who uses a BE device can alter your size.

When you meet people wearing the Implants, have you noticed any common errors that they make? (example: boobs too far out from body, where SHOULD they be? Too high on body? Poor skin matching? What do you see out there that could be corrected quickly?)

Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go Home! Miss Barbie gets even more gigantic thanks to Bart's crazy augmentation gun!

Well most important thing is position, the better you place them the better they blend in. The new API in the Universal Implants allows you to position them better. You can call in your friend to move them up/down/inwards/outwards with security of course. The Universal Implants HUD is built that you can use it on other implants too. But that system is in early beta, the new API will allow you to make any HUD or system that can modify the implants. For example, make a simple sphere, script inside it, when you change color of the ball the boobs follow the color through the API.

Finally, skin matching is clearly the biggest challenge most girls face. Any tips on how they might do better with that?

Best is to use a good lighting that’s the first start, best is to only use the sunlight, turn off all other lighting in graphics properties > advanced. Then you set the sun to midday lighting. Also best is to go to an open area, not inside a building. Keep in mind that avatars are 30% lighter then prims, so you can pick your correct color, lighten it 30% (or darken skin 30%) and you have a very close match.

I want to thank Bart for doing this interview and I think we all look forward to his newest creations!!


14 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Emeline Magic on March 16, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    Nice interview.

    I love when Bart blames the Lindens for delays… Universal Implants was “about to release” 1.5 years ago and they are still in beta/unfinished state now…

    Also thanks Bart to “keep inventing”… the interaction API of eBoobs is finished and released πŸ˜‰



    • Posted by Tyler on May 17, 2010 at 10:47 am

      You know i heard that he was banned from Mammatus by Aspen Normandy a back in like 07 or 08 after he stole someones password from the BEA (Breast expansion archive) after his account was suspended or banned from it. Instead of emailing the BEA admins and trying to appeal the banishment he stole another users password to try to repeal it. He admitted that he did it to aspen to.


  2. Posted by Joe Blow on March 17, 2010 at 1:29 am

    Hmm….avatars are 30% lighter because of OpenGL!??!?!
    I don’t think so!


    • Posted by Bart Seymour on March 17, 2010 at 9:33 pm

      Did i say because of OpenGL? No Lindens did that when they started SL, it has something todo with that avatars where too dark in dark spaces…


  3. Posted by Bart Seymour on March 17, 2010 at 6:25 am

    Stealing ideas again? Are we Emeline? πŸ™‚


  4. Posted by Emeline Magic on March 17, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    lol Bart
    we released boobs demo, should I consider it as a steal if you release demo too ?


  5. Since SL still uses OpenGL, if the brightness discrepancy is fixed in 2.0, then unless they had to add a fudge factor to compensate for it, surely it’s LL’s problem that the discrepancy existed before? (In any case, I’m happy that LL chose OpenGL–were SL Windows-only, I’d never have gotten involved.)

    In any case, excellent interview. One question: the ability to adjust breast size is great, but… if I understand rightly, textures for clothing layers are fixed, so that as the breast size changes, parts of the texture that did line up with their matching parts on the top (e.g. straps or necklines) no longer do so. Is there any work being done to deal with this problem?


  6. Posted by Bart Seymour on March 21, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    Well the new API allows clothing designers to “script” the size of the implants, in other words they can sell clothing for custom sizes they decide, but other then that its pretty fixed and manual clothmaking. And i apologize for my absence these days im currently moving in RL (hopefully last time πŸ™‚ )


  7. Am working on custom tops for the mega sized girls. Hope release them this week yet, won’t say how but the lindens are make money off me lots.


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  9. Posted by Aeronya Arai on April 5, 2010 at 9:24 am

    Well Bart at least eBoobs isn’t procrastinating about releasing/improving their product, you took like 2 years from announcing that the Universal Implants would be available ‘soon’ to actually releasing the beta version of them. Also if you announce upcoming features but you don’t implement them in time to beat the competition you’ve really only got yourself to blame if they end up ‘stealing’ a share of the market now don’t you. One simple fact about SL, as long as the competition isn’t using your scripts or your sculpt maps or anything you created it’s perfectly legal for them to make a product with similar features. People make items with inspiration drawn from other items everyday both in SL and RL, if you can’t deal with it then maybe you need to pull out of SL and sit on your butt some more in RL.

    Doesn’t pay too well to be such a big procrastinator now does it!!


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  11. […] Cindy Melgund in How To One of the more interesting parts of my interview with IN Universals creator Bart Seymour was his discussion about the biggest problems girls seem to have with implants…and […]


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