Interview with Emeline Magic: eBoobs Developer

Recently, I’ve exchanged a few IMs and emails with Emeline Magic, a driving force behind the popular eBoobs implants. One of the community’s top three choices, these unique products have come a long way since Emeline got involved.

What motivated you to get into the business of implants?

I’ve been a super busty girl since my very first day in Second Life, in July 2008, and I worked as dancer in a busty club (Titty Bar) for several months. I am also a scripter and worked on a scripted cyborg chassis + HUD, I created my own home control and security system.

I used Multi Clothing Implants for a long time and sometimes the old unscripted eBoobs. I loved the eBoobs overfilleds look that’s why I choose to work with Euthanasia Messmer, the eCorp founder, to improve the eBoobs.

When did you join up with Euthanasia?

The eBoobs existed for a long time; they already existed when I came to SL. There was prim version before the sculpted version and an unscripted version before scripted version. My work started with a small script to apply cloth on eBoobs, I did it for a busty friend who creates cloth (Que Sosa), then I reworked the eBoobs for my usage as a dancer, and then I moved on to eCorp. Now I’m the co-owner with Euthanasia, I script and I manage the sales.

What “vision” did you have when considering these products? What did you want them to do for people and why?

The boobs of the female shape are ugly and very limited. Our products are a good way to have nice big boobs with all the features to have fun in SL. I want to improve them on two axes:

* making them easy to use and having all you need to start your busty life in the package

* being open, the community has lots of great ideas and everyone can mod/create for eBoobs

Let me give some examples:

* For the skins, we provide skin and boobs skin in the package, for everyone to start with a good skin match. I will work on having more build-in skin, especially many popular skin brands. We already have a kit for everyone to be able to create and sell skin for eBoobs.

* For the cloth, we provide build-in and an easy way to create cloth, but I also want a standard common for every brand. I made eBoobs compatible with Implant Nation cloth and I also exchange information with other brands (Foxbean, Lolas, iBoobs). Creator should not have to create 8-10 appliers and customers should not have to check compatibility.

Why are there three types?

We have 3 products, corresponding to 3 shapes of boobs and nipples:
• Overfilled shape with natural nipples
• Overfilled shape with anime nipples
• Natboobs shape with natural nipples

There is no “Natboobs + Anime”, the tanktop sculpt is not ready but we also have many other models in the lab. The “megafake” might be the next release… We also develop new features in the lab and everyone will receive free update. 😉

What has been the biggest challenge in improving eBoobs?

Having customer feedback is difficult, I will put mailboxes in our shops for that.
Another problem is the huge amount of limit Lindens put in SecondLife. For examples:
* the shading problem between shape and attachment was a real pain for month
* the flexi sculpts, we are ready for this but Linden does not allow
* the limit to 1 attachment per point, it will solve so many problems if we had a global limit to 32 attachements

What are you most proud about? What gives you the most satisfaction when working on these products?

The bounce option of eBoobs. Most bouncing boobs in SL are ugly, I spent lots of time to make them look real good.

The idea was to use a real damping oscillation formula using the weigth of the boobs. I hit some SL limitations but I found a solution that works pretty well.

Are there any new versions coming, and if so, what should people expect to see in them?

There is no v1.3 released planned for now but we are still working on improvements.

The server v1.38 introduces new functions for scripts, I will test them as soon as possible and v1.3 will probably use them.

I’m working on new and better skins.

Xcite compatibility: I’d like to have integrated Xcite in all eBoobs or at least a good notcard explaining how to open Xcite nipples and put the scripts into eBoobs.
I’m also working on sounds for eBoobs, they will be optional, triggered by touch growth and outfits change.

What do you think are the major challenges facing big booby girls? Skin matching? Positioning? Any tips on improving these things?

Skin matching, it’s the biggest challenge. There are lots of skin brand, lots of skin tones for human avatars and we have lots of non-humans using eBoobs, all kinds of furry (I’ve worked with cat, mouse, bunny, squirrel), vampires, demons, etc. Some avatars have many skins (I know a girl that use 25+ skins on eBoobs), some have tattoos and asymmetric tattoos (only 1 boobs with tattoo), some have body oil… You can match most skin using our appliers and tinting balls, I work to support more skins but you need copyright owner agreement.


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  1. Posted by Emeline Magic on May 8, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    Good news, the multiple attachement is under devellopment for viewer 2.1


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