Comparing the Implants Part One: The Sports Car of the Booby World…Lolas

As a clothing maker and a dancer, and because of market demands, I’ve had the opportunity now to extensively test out all three of the major brands used by our community.

I’ll start off by saying that all of the Big Three (pun intended) have disadvantages and strengths. You want great value for the price? eBoobs, hands down. You want a “Ferrari”? Superior appearance but oh my the hassle? Lolas, the most beautiful boobs in SL, bar none. Want ease of use and excellent choices? Implant Nation.

That’s right. You can’t really go wrong with ANY of the the great makers out there today. But there is no “perfect” choice.

In this first part of my series of reviews, we’ll take a look at the most beautiful, and brutal, implants on the market today.

Lolas – The Sports Car of Implants

They are expensive at 1100$L. They are the least flexible when it comes to top changes. The stock clothing that comes with them is limited, albeit interesting. Up and downsizing is mediocre. The extras are minimal and skin coloring is mediocre. So what’s to like about Lolas? (Go here for the Lola’s Store)

They are beautiful, pure and simple. The best analogy I can think of when describing Lolas are that they remind me of high end sports cars. They look great and they attract a crowd. But like a sports car, they can be maddening to use and they need a lot of attention if you want the most out of them.

Let’s look at how they compare visually. Universals are on the left, eboobs the center, Lolas on the right.

Universals .50

The Pros

In my opinion, great implants in real life don’t like “implants” at all. Done by a truly skilled doctor they simply look like very large breasts, not rocks or balloons. You can absolutely create a very natural, big, look with both the eBoob naturals and with Implant Nation’s (INs)Universals. But you need to be very careful about positioning and the rotation of both these products. In fact, positioning with Lolas is perhaps one of their great strengths: unless you want very customized positioning (see below), usually need very little done beyond simple vertical positioning.

Now I do realize that some girls do like the obvious implant look. So do lots of guys. If that’s you, Lola’s are not going to make you happy.

Then too, if you love truly enormous hooters, you’re much better off with eBoobs or INs. Lola’s just don’t look that great if you want to supersize.

But if you want a look that very very closely mirrors what naturally large boobies like like in RL, these are the ones. They fit the body almost exactly like either very large natural or very well done implants do on a breathing human being. They ARE beautiful in shape and in sizes that would likely be EE or even FF in the real world. Bigger then that and they start to look dumb.

Enough gushing.

The Cons

Lolas are expensive, but that’s not what really bugs me about them.

I can make a very strong case for my opinion that NO other implants can handle a booby top as well as Lolas. Nice tops look fantastic on them. It’s when you take that top off that the trouble begins.

Lolas are, bar none, the worst implants when it comes to removing and replacing a top. Yes, if you stick to the stock tops that come with them, you can switch them off and on without problem and I know quite a few girls who do just this via the popdown menuing system. But how boring can you get? I want to wear the latest tops, not some default item. You certainly can wear “custom tops” with Lolas or I wouldn’t bother designing for them. But my oh my, they’re a pain in the ass when you need to put a custom top back on after you’ve removed it, say during a moment of passion.

I’m used to the ease of change with INs. Thru the HUD, you simply take off your top and put it back on. Doesn’t matter if it’s stock or store bought. You can’t do that with Lolas. If you remove the top and then try to put it back on via the menuing system, you’ll get one of the stock tops. The only way to put that hot top you just got at Whimsy’s Closet back onto your sexy body is to wear the applier that came with it…and it often takes a few tries to restore it.

Seriously, this stinks, and makes Lola’s virtually useless for the stage. I wear them anyway, but it’s such a PAIN to restore tops that I end up just using the stock clothing when I know I’m going to be making a lot of top changes. Argggggh!!!!

And Lola’s have another couple of annoying “features”.

For one, if you have happened to change the color of your Lola’s supplied clothing, that color will impact the color of a custom top you’ve just bought.  Here’s what I mean: the last time you wore the Lolas you colored a stock top black through the menus. Wearing the same set of boobs, you put on a new custom top you just bought. The black will “tint” the new top, making it look quite different than what you expected.

Solution: If you run into this, click on the boobs, go to clothing, go to color, and change it white. You can do this while wearing the custom top, or you can apply it after the color change. Essentially, you’re “clearing out” the black. Totally ridiculous.

The other thing is this…Lolas have a habit of “remembering” what you last wore on that copy of the breasts and, again if you try to put on a new top, you may think you got ripped off because the top will not appear. NO.  Here’s the fix: Wear the applier for the new top. Touch the boobies and go to clothing and pic something, like a T-Shirt. Then click the applier…it should then show the new one after a few seconds.

Those complaints (and they’re big ones for me) aside, kudos to the Lola’s developers for including  “regular” t-shirts, tank, and bra that match the t-shirt, tank and bra that are part of the boobs themselves. Nice touch. Strangely, they didn’t including a base bikini top to go with the EXCELLENT bikini top that is part of the implants.

Unlike INs, you get ONE shape with Lola’s. That’s not so bad since that shape is so gorgeous. But here’s ANOTHER odd quirk: you really can’t customize positioning the breasts individually.

Oh yes, you can position them as a pair (see above), which is far more common, using the usual left/right/up/down and rotate actions once you have them in edit mode. So why am I bitching about the ability (or lack thereof) of positioning each breast seperately? Why does this matter? Well, it matters a LOT if you’re a super stickler for skin matching because you may want to separate the cleavage more, or squeeze them more closely together. You can edit the boobs separately to do such things, but the moment you use the Lola’s menu and resize or put on a garment, the boobs will instantly go back to their default locations. A nice fail-safe mechanism for those who shouldn’t be doing such tweaking anyway, but a real annoyance to those of us who want flexibility.

Skin matching is nothing to shout home about. Lolas do come with stock skin matching, which is ok, and you can use a coloring hud to refine your choice…It’s not great, but it’s workable.

Where Lolas REALLY shine however is custom skin matching. If you’re decent with photoshop I believe that Lola skins are the easiest of all three types to get just right. That said, very few girls can do custom matching.

Lola’s don’t have a lot of “extras” like milk and cum spots, but they do come with GREAT nipple rings, nipple bars, and prim nipples. The stock clothing that comes with them, while limited, is quite nice, especially the bra and bikinis.


When all is said and done, would I recommend Lolas? Yes, so long as don’t need to switch tops quickly, you don’t plan on going out with incredibly large boobs and super precise positioning isn’t critical to you. If you can afford them, get them. They’re sports cars, not work horses…keep that in mind and you’ll love them.

They’re my boobs of choice. Think of it as a “love-hate” relationship.

About These Reviews

A few caveats here. No one is paying me to write this review. I’ll hurt some feelings, but that’s how it is. This is my opinion based on a lot of use of all three products, including designing for them. I base all of it on personal experience and on the reaction I get from both men and women.

In all the photos in this series, the implants are attached at the spine.  I doubt this matters much, but full disclosure…we’ll talk about attachment points in a later post…

All photos are shot in midday light with no retouching. All garments are from our store, Whimsy’s Closet (shameless plug).

Last and maybe most important: I use Laqroki skin and “Sweet Lights” face lighting.


10 responses to this post.

  1. I already look like Lolas in real life. Is why my choice of breast is overfilled Ecorps. Bart just gave me some sekrit boobs an will be doing photowork with them soon.
    Your assesment here is quite right except your designations are wrong. IN is the workhorse and best suited to dancing perhaps, Ecorps are the sports car because there is no deny you have big fat implants and love to show off. ( like Penelope black diamond on my webpage video)
    Lolas is more for those who, how to say with out insult, um, while very pretty are rather not spectacular in the ‘wow’ department. More like housewife-gets-boob-job but not want people to know. Never understood that thought process when first heard it last year.

    ALL are great
    ALL are good

    is just matter of taste and we are lucky to have choice. See bits of snobness once in while between users of different styles, this is bad road to go down. Let us not do it among ourselves as many outside our group would like to attack us. Let us not give ammo. Be big Be pretty. Be yourself.

    MinkaMade on BoobyTropolis


    • Hello Minka…your comment made me chuckle a little bit…and of course, as you say it is all a matter of personal taste. I rather doubt, though, that a housewife with FF size boobs would go unnoticed, particularly if she was a C cup today and then an FF cup next month! Thanks for commenting and please continue to do so. By the way, those of you who haven’t visited BoobyTropolis are missing out…go check it out!


  2. Thank you for a very good, informative review. I look forward to future installments.


  3. Cindy, this is excellent! I will wait for your complete reviews before I add my thoughts. 🙂


  4. Really nice post, i love it


  5. Posted by cees on November 6, 2010 at 5:54 pm

    Whimsy’s Closet is no longer on mainland here is the richt slurl to the shop


  6. […] time, I reviewed the implants that have become my standard, the Lola’s, because I do love their appearance. But when it comes to all around versatility and value, […]


  7. […] About Cindy « Comparing the Implants Part One: The Sports Car of the Booby World…Lolas […]


  8. Posted by Sparxx (SparklyBabe.Resident) on December 23, 2011 at 7:57 am

    I’m not sure I understand the problem with changing tops with the Lolas.

    I’m a newbie biggie booby girl – having purchased my first set (Lolas Pushups 2.5) after completing the PBCH the other day. However, I seem to have stumbled upon a system that seems to work for me.

    My boobs are Yes Copy. I just clone my (still not perfectly) skintone matched set to the folder with the new outfit. Wear that copy, and apply the top. Then detach that set back into the outfit folder.

    This way, there is a set of boobs, complete with the top applied, right in the folder with the rest of the outfit. Couldn’t be easier.

    I may hit some limitation of this method later on, but it seems to be working for me in all my boobnoobosity 🙂


  9. Personally I don’t even bother changing my top with appliers all the time.

    I keep a copy of the breasts for being nude and then one for every clothing. Changing is as easy as loading a saved outfit then, without attaching an applier every time or running into the “change to t-shirt” issue.

    I don’t do stripping part by part like a dancer might, but even then, you could open the list of the “nude outfit” and replace the current dressed Lolas with the nude set to undress them. Still a little easier and quicker than digging through several folders for an applier, at least in my inventory.)

    With that setup I also like to delete all the scripts out of all the prims of the dressed copies to try help performance at crowded places a little, only keeping the nude copy scripted for new sets. (Besides the usual backup)
    I don’t usually change size a lot and and you are right about the Lolas only working to a certain size anyways, so I use other breasts for going bigger, but if I had to resize the Lolas again for an occasion then I could just copy the nude ones, apply the top and then resize.

    This may not be for you, but I thought I throw the idea out there.


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