Comparing the Implants Part Two: The All-Arounder…Universal Implants V0.81

Last time, I reviewed the implants that have become my standard, the Lola’s, because I do love their appearance.

But when it comes to all around versatility and value, it’s very very hard to argue against the Universals. I will still insist that for my taste the Lolas are the better looking boobs, but that’s because I’m biased to towards having a more natural look. Now I know that sounds odd in a discussion of implants, but it is what it is, at least for me.

That said, the Universals are good-looking boobies, no question about that. And the new v 0.81’s, which were released a few months ago, have much to recommend them…and a few things to thumbs down as well…

Read My FULL REVIEW at Whimsy’s Closet Blog


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