About Cindy

I’m a big booby girl in SL, a dancer, and I want to share what I know to my sisters. That’s what this is all about.

I’m in a fully committed relationship with my beautiful baby Whimsy, the love of my life and the joy of my world.

I love to go racing and if you don’t find me dancing or wandering around SL with Whim, you’ll find me at the track…probably smashed up against a wall with my chaps in shreds.

Music and movement are incredibly important to me. I love entertaining and dancing. I’m a clothes horse, an incurable punster, and just can’t help telling jokes and pulling pranks…so watch out!

I do have a few pet peeves:

1. Sinatra haters: if you don’t like the greatest voice in recorded history, you best check your wiring.

“When somebody loves you, it’s not good unless they love you….Allllllllllllllllllllll the way.”

It’s Frank’s world. We just live in it. Yeah, I know, Elvis, Pavarotti, Mick, Marvin…all great. Did they have FIFTY tunes that could turn you into a puddle? Don’t think so.

2. Snotty bishes who need satisfy their teeny tiny insecure egos by talking shit to peeps who’ve never done them any harm. I’m so SURE you look just like that in RL.

3. Braindead jerks who jump into my car or the back of my bike without asking permission. No, you can’t have a ride. Yes, I have an ejection seat. Hasta la vista, baby.

4. Anything by Celine Dion. And if I hear Journey’s “Small Town Girl” once more…

5. No copy garments and attachments you can’t resize. How do you make something you can’t alter for bodies that are all different? We aren’t all built like Halle Berry. I get the concept of copyright. But really, when you make something that can’t be mixed and matched, you’ve killed it for me.

6. Carnies. Small hands. Smell like cabbage.

If you’d like to say hi in person, you can find me at Miss Barbie’s Big Booby nightclub, usually every night from 8 to 10 p.m. SLT.

You can reach me at crachelle69@yahoo.com


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