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Bart Seymour: The Interview

Bart at Miss Barbies Big Booby Club

We recently caught up with Bart Seymour, the inventor of spectacular Implant Nation Universals and Multiclothing implants, at Miss Barbies Big Booby Club to find out more about his background, interests and of course, future plans and product releases, the long awaited Implant Nation Universals 1.0.

While there are several excellent competitors today, Seymour’s Implant Nation products remain both affordable and of extremely high quality. And their inventor is a talented programmer and artist who deeply believes in open source programming and has made a great many tools available to developers at his Implant Nation website. He is also making available for you geeky types much of the API for the newΒ  products.

What got you interested in designing and creating the Implant Nation products?

Well it all started when i was 14 years old, i got fascinated by how woman could enlarge their breasts. I basically saw a video with Lolo Ferrari, Camping Cosmos. But that fascination had one big downside: I got only attracted to girls with large chests (DD+). Which is basically not a good thing πŸ™‚

My history comes with lot of art, but in the end i dropped out of school. A week after I stopped school I got a job as web designer/programmer. My programmer skills evolved and the last 6 years i was mainly programming. In that period i did a lot of 3D rendering of large chested girls. As I was a gamer by nature, I started playing Second Life. In that period, sculpts did not exist. Mainly round spheres that where attached to avatars, which sometimes looks good, granted. But most times the lines were too hard and the breasts of the avatar did not have enough polygons, making them squarish. When I heard of sculpts and they where out on the beta viewer, I test drove it there. I perfected my scripting and built my first implants when sculpts where officially released.

In the beginning, they were just bare breast sculpts. But as people required clothing it evolved to Multiclothing Implants. This was the beginning of the Implants era in Second
Life, finally allowed to have clothing.

Revenue aside, what have been your main goals in developing these products?

Because i hated the fact that breast size was limited and the polygons of avatars on chest where limited (thus Lindens limited breast size because over DD the squarish breasts started looking uglier). I wanted to make very simple implants that where meant to have clothing embedded in them.

What were the major challenges in creating them? Design? Skin tones? Scripting? The HUD?

SKINS! The lighting system in < 2.0 viewer is horrible, many “attachment” makers have problems with it.

For example, you make red pants and a red dynamic attachment skirt in the same red (yes exactly the same color), it still looks awkward. Avatars are rendered lighter then the rest in Second Life. This is because Lindens are using OpenGL, making it work on Mac and Linux. This is not bad. But DirectX is a better choice for more accurate shadowing. DirectX 10 has realtime shadowing these days, whch is great! BUT Lindens are never going to use it, OpenGL wise.

The 2.0 Viewer looks promising, the artificial lighting on the avatar is fixed, which means you can make skins for the avatar and breasts with the same color (YES FINALLY AFTER 3 YEARS!).

Scripting came naturally, lots other attachment makers inspired me. I created the HUD with the idea having a database of skins/clothing that everyone could use. I’m still perfecting the system so everyone can share skins/clothing for free if they like. But they also are gonna get the option to sell their skins/clothing through

How did you research the implants? It’s clear that a lot of thought went into them, what guided you in the work? Did you rely on any particular sources of information?

I focused in the first case on changing size, second came skins. Because sculpts have much more polygons to use, you could basiclly grow any size you like (up to 10m) πŸ™‚ My main inspiration became DeviantArt, lots of artists there that create lots of big boob drawings. Lots of big bust models are also a main inspiration.

For those who have been around from the start, what have been the various versions?

Mmmmm i lost track of them too, I started with Multiclothing Implants (MCI) version 0.2, that evolved to MCI 1+. The options exploded menu wise, all the ideas I got I implemented. The new Universal Implants where named because i wanted them even more open source, more shape changing and with a better clothing system.

So I created a HUD, but I’m currently reworking the whole system with a database that supports shapes/skins combinations that will basically allowing you to have any type of breasts (droopy, perky, round). This is still in development, but the whole system is gonna work with an open source API (with security of course). With this system you can control anything on your breasts script-wise and notecard-based wise (for clothing/shape/skin vendors in the future)

What were the major advances in the most important releases?

MCI 1.6 and the Universal Implants of course. The bulge bikini was also interesting, because its the first attempt to make a bulging look for the implants.

What were the biggest disappointments?

Not much, the only disappointments I have are with the Lindens. Their focus lies on L$ and, most important, “rent”, they just focus on Land and other stuff rather then focus on avatars. They seems to keep stuck in time πŸ™‚ Most times they are basically fixing bugs instead of inventing new things, which is not good. If you want to keep your product good, you need to keep inventing. Not duplicating πŸ™‚

As you may know, to many of us you’re a revered figure. But what most pleases YOU about this work?

The feeling that lots of ladies in SecondLife can live their fantasy. Lots of girls love to look super busty πŸ™‚

You make a great many of the core elements of your products free and open source, I’m thinking of the developer’s kit particularly. Why do you do that?

Well I’m currently developing a developer kit that allows you to make skins/clothing/sculpts for the Universal Implants. The only part that I want to keep a bit “closed” system is the scripting. But with the new API, the Universal Implants are becoming more and more opens ource. My main goal is to make them compatible with as many products as possible inside SL. Like Restrained Viewer, for example.

Obviously, the question on all our minds is the new release…What will it be called and please describe, in as much detail as possible, the new features and enhancements? What will it cost new owners? Is this a free upgrade for current owners?

Release date will be around begin April, first week of April, I’m currently moving in RL and I’m settled around the end of March. Then I’ll have plenty of time to focus on Second Life only.

Yes the new API allows you to build custom attachments. With a script the attachments like nipple rings get positioned correctly. Basically you wear the nipple rings on your spine attachment point, the boobs communicate with that attachment and position the rings correctly according to the current breast size. So a new niche is born: nipple rings.

Finally: I also make clothing, strictly for Universals. I’ve gotten requests for MultiClothing. Is there a different tool I need to get to automatically apply a texture to them?

Yes, basicly you can use a texture program like Photoshop CS4, you can download the OBJ file from the site and basicly paint directly onto them. For automatic applying, the new API allows you to make custom Appliers, for example, change boob shape, skin, clothing and size all in one script that a vendor sells. The possibilities are endless.

The new release will be version 1.0, this is because of the major overhaul of the whole system. For more information about what the API can do, watch this page closely:

Iim currently working on Universal Implants but im also revamping the MultiClothing implants a bit. The MCI Gold Edition (launching with the new update of Universal Implants) will cost around 600L$ with the tinting HUD included (fixed).

The Universal Implants will cost the same 800L$, they will come with the HUD, Implants, Developer Kit and more documentation. The new version will work with an API system, so i have to completely reprogram the HUD and internal system. Because in the new API you can even sell sculpts, the clothing vendors need to have correct mapping, I’m gonna keep a close look at that.

The new API also allows you to have external stimuli, for example: you can create a tipping star that allows your breast size to increase with each payment to it. You can for example create a Hypnotizer that enlarges your chest. You can make a script that makes your breasts bigger at certain hours/day and smaller during other hours. The possibilities with the new API are endless!

Can you tell us about any projects in the pipeline (like the augmentation gun, for example)…and concepts we might later see turned to reality?

Bart uses the "augmentation gun" on Miss Barbie!

Bart uses the "augmentation gun" on Miss Barbie!

Like i said before the API allows you to control virtually anything on the implants. Colored milk, dripsize, breastsize, nipple size, nipple rings > For more info:

The Augmentation gun is a experiment that i could not release yet to the public (because the security is completely not implemented), but it gives you a idea how the new API is gonna work, you use a setting in the hud that basicly says: “Allow growth/shrink with bullets” and everyone who uses a BE device can alter your size.

When you meet people wearing the Implants, have you noticed any common errors that they make? (example: boobs too far out from body, where SHOULD they be? Too high on body? Poor skin matching? What do you see out there that could be corrected quickly?)

Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go Home! Miss Barbie gets even more gigantic thanks to Bart's crazy augmentation gun!

Well most important thing is position, the better you place them the better they blend in. The new API in the Universal Implants allows you to position them better. You can call in your friend to move them up/down/inwards/outwards with security of course. The Universal Implants HUD is built that you can use it on other implants too. But that system is in early beta, the new API will allow you to make any HUD or system that can modify the implants. For example, make a simple sphere, script inside it, when you change color of the ball the boobs follow the color through the API.

Finally, skin matching is clearly the biggest challenge most girls face. Any tips on how they might do better with that?

Best is to use a good lighting that’s the first start, best is to only use the sunlight, turn off all other lighting in graphics properties > advanced. Then you set the sun to midday lighting. Also best is to go to an open area, not inside a building. Keep in mind that avatars are 30% lighter then prims, so you can pick your correct color, lighten it 30% (or darken skin 30%) and you have a very close match.

I want to thank Bart for doing this interview and I think we all look forward to his newest creations!!


Interview With Bunny: Hot, New Booby Girl!

I spent a little time last week talking to Bunny Gracemount, a nice young lady who recently joined SL and has embraced the big booby community totally. She’s cute, smart, and very hot! She’s now one of the top dancers at Miss Barbie’s Big Booby Club

Bunny was, and is extremely young on SL, BUT she did the right things very early on: a good shape, good skin, and nice hair. She looks great and, while these pics are recent, even since then she’s continually upgraded her appearance.

I thought her insights might be interesting to all of us…

Cindy Melgund: When did you join SL?

Bunny Gracemount: About a week ago

Cindy Melgund: OK, never been here before that?

Bunny Gracemount: No, never

Cindy Melgund: what interested you in trying it out?

Bunny Gracemount: I’d heard about it in so many places… read stories about it. I remember seeing it on “The Office” LOL. I just thought… it might be interesting

Cindy Melgund: Oh the one with the second life in second life?

Bunny Gracemount: Yes, that one!

Cindy Melgund: That all makes sense now,doesn’t it?

Bunny Gracemount: It does, yes

Cindy Melgund: So what were first days like?

Bunny Gracemount: Scary and exciting. I don’t think I had any idea it was so big… and so.. just so you could go anywhere and do anything. And also, a lot to learn. I spent a lot of time with giant boxes on my head, let me tell you that! So even with all the places to go, and all the people… it felt sort of lonely

Cindy Melgund: so how did you find Barbies?

Bunny Gracemount: Well, I was wandering around a lot… just trying to go where people were? And a lot of times I was made to feel like I was interrupting. Bunny Gracemount: I think I saw a picture of Barbie? Or in a search? Anyway… I just decided to see what it was. Bunny Gracemount: I’m so glad I did

Cindy Melgund: How come?

Bunny Gracemount: When I first walked in, the place looked so nice and welcoming… and then right away, you and Barbie saw that I was new and asked me if I had any questions. That made me feel so terrific

Cindy Melgund: awww

Bunny Gracemount: I was probably a day away from quitting if I hadn’t found this place

Cindy Melgund: So, I assume you hadn’t met any big booby girls before?

Bunny Gracemount: No, I hadn’t! One guy who I met wandering around said to me “You need bigger tits if you wanna make any money around here. Bunny Gracemount: I thought he was teasing me. πŸ™‚ I didn’t even know there were big booby girls here.

Cindy Melgund: haha, well that guy was full of it, but ok

Bunny Gracemount: And I know this will sound funny.. but after I got over how amazing you guys looked… I sort of didn’t even think of you guys as big booby girls. I just thought of you as wonderful people who I was so happy to be around.
Of course, then you guys started chanting “make over!” and that was it for me!

Cindy Melgund: hahahaha

Cindy Melgund: So what did you think when you first tried your implants?

Bunny Gracemount: Oh my god… can I make a confession?

Cindy Melgund: of course!

Cindy Melgund: This is for our community

Bunny Gracemount: In RL… the size zero boobs here are way bigger than me.

Cindy Melgund: yeah, me too!

Bunny Gracemount: So when Barbie bought me them and told me to put them on… at first I was like, “well, i don’t know if this is for me”… but then…. I loved them. Bunny Gracemount: I really do.

Cindy Melgund: yeah

Bunny Gracemount: I mean, isn’t that what SL is supposed to be about? A whole second life?

Cindy Melgund: that’s right!

Bunny Gracemount: I love being a big booby girl. I absolutely love it. Even just saying that.. is making me smile

Cindy Melgund: yeah, it’s interesting, when I first showed Whimsy, my love…I was scared

Bunny Gracemount: Where you here a long time before you got your boobs?

Cindy Melgund: ummm mebbe like two months?

Bunny Gracemount: Oh, cool. For me.. I was alone. I didn’t have a place to go… or an identity. And you guys took me in and did all this great stuff for me…I was honored.

Cindy Melgund: We believe in you

Bunny Gracemount: You’re going to make me cry. Seriously.

Cindy Melgund: What was the biggest challenge when you committed to big boobs

Bunny Gracemount: well… i’d only been here a week, so since I had no money my shopping was basically window shopping. LOL

Cindy Melgund: right!

Bunny Gracemount: But the challenge was when I got these… I realized there were no clothes that would fit… especially nothing free.

Cindy Melgund: right, that’s right

Bunny Gracemount: And my favorite price when I got here was “free 99” LOL

Bunny Gracemount: So I was lucky you guys were generous. because even now, I only have a few outfits… and all the free stuff I took I can’t use

Bunny Gracemount: The other thing I noticed is that people would make fun of them …girls mostly.

Cindy Melgund: Always women

Bunny Gracemount: I can see why some people don’t wear them all the time.

Cindy Melgund: I do…I don’t give a shit

Bunny Gracemount: But you know what? This is my second life… they aren’t clothing. They’re part of me now… forever.
I’m never taking them off.

Cindy Melgund: yeah, me too…and I have ways to respond to assholes

Bunny Gracemount: I am a big booby girl, and I love it

Cindy Melgund: that’s right!

Bunny Gracemount: Hee hee, look at me now. πŸ™‚

Cindy Melgund: hahaha

Bunny Gracemount: This outfit doesn’t look great when you go really big… that’s what Im finding.

Bunny Gracemount: They need good designers to make things for us.

Cindy Melgund: well like I said, I normally stay around 1800 to 2050 off stage

Bunny Gracemount: Yes, you both told me that so I’ve been around there too.

Bunny Gracemount: You guys are like the Big Booby Jedi masters… and I’m the … whatever the word is for the Jedi student.

Cindy Melgund: read my blog and you’ll find things there about building tops and you can also make tops with the HUD

Bunny Gracemount: I did .. but I think I’m not quite comfortable with all the things here yet. But I want to be

Cindy Melgund: Takes a while but do try you “normal” outfits…and see if you can make a top you like with the HUD.There are like 14 stock tops in there.

Cindy Melgund: So, what are you early aspirations as a dancer?

Bunny Gracemount: Well.. mostly not to bump into people on the stage.. especially as I get used to my new size

Bunny Gracemount: But seriously… to have fun.. and to be an asset to you and Barbie and the club. And also… you know.. this girl loves to shop. So I hope I can make some money. I’d like to get an apartment at some point. That seems like a nice thing to do.

Cindy Melgund: do you have a place to change now?

Bunny Gracemount: No.. I mean, I still have nowhere.

Cindy Melgund: ok well you can use here of course….but I have an LM to nice place that’s free. I used that place for a few months before I was ready for my own place. Changing areas, nice girls

Bunny Gracemount: Hee he

Cindy Melgund: ok now is it ok if I say your from the east coast in story?

Bunny Gracemount: Oh sure

Cindy Melgund: and that you’re 32?

Bunny Gracemount: Yes, fine with me

Bunny Gracemount: But also… I’m 8 days old… or whatever it is now.. and that’s what matters. And where am I from? Barbie’s.

Cindy Melgund: Yeah you doing better than I did!

Bunny Gracemount: Only doing better because of you and Barbie… you’re like my older sisters!

Cindy Melgund: what you mean “older”?

Bunny Gracemount: Hee hee

Bunny Gracemount: Oh can I say one more thing?

Cindy Melgund: Absolutely

Bunny Gracemount: The way you and Barbie are so generous with me… if I ever become successful here I’m going to make sure I do the same thing with new people I meet

Cindy Melgund: well yes, honey , you should do that…peeps helped me, and Barbie in early days. That’s important to give something back.

Bunny Gracemount: I will. I promise

Dealing with Bitches

Once in a blue moon, and it is ALWAYS with women, you run into that nasty bitch who makes it a point to attack you. Ever notice this? It’s never men. Always a woman.

I ran into one last night.

I was minding my own business, just doing a little exploring, when I found what seemed to be an interesting place to go ice skating at some point with my baby. I got there on my cute pink motorcycle…

Anyway, I got on the pond and was simply walking across it to check out a building when out of nowhere the woman deliberately ran up to me and kicked me, karate-style. It wasn’t friendly or intended to be funny. It was deliberate and ugly. But I was determined to see the inside of this building. She did it again on the steps. Now normally, I’d say something. But I was in something of a hurry and she’s meaningless to me, not to mention obviously disturbed. She had a few “friends” around her.

I knew she’d say something because my lack of acknowledgment had to be driving her crazy. As I was leaving she says “Hey, those are some gigantic tits you got there, bitch.”

I really hadn’t intended to get into it, but something inside me said that this bully was in serious need of some pushback.

I walked toward her, gathering my thoughts and said, “Yeah, you like them don’t ya?”

She says, “I’m going to anally rape you”

So I responded “Great idea, your place or mine?”

Her friends started laughing…at her. This really set her off. She gets in my face and says “How about you suck my pussy?”

I said, “I would, but your dick would get in the way.”

She got all flustered, and probably was red-faced with anger as she sat at home, all alone and terrified that her own inadequacies would be exposed any second.

Finally she replied with the fabulous, and totally expected, gem of a comeback “Fuck you, bitch”

All too easy: “Absolutely, but not with you,” I said. “Try the horse barn down the street.”

By this point, her friends or whoever they were, were hooting and chuckling. My guess is that not many have stood up to this person. I got on my bike while she was cursing at me and said, “Hop on, Mr. Ed is getting anxious”…and drove off.

Did I care that I’d been attacked? Of course I did, and told my baby a little bit about it that night. But it felt awfully good turning the tables.

Getting harassed in the virtual world is pretty uncommon. But it does happen. Our natural tendency in RL is to shrink from bullies, because we’re afraid of getting hurt, especially physically. But in the virtual world, a bully can’t hurt you physically…only verbally, and emotionally, if you allow it.

Bullies thrive on showing off to friends. They need to prove that they aren’t who they really are, pitiful, inadequate losers riven with doubts about themselves. But consider this: once a bully attacks, they’ve exposed themselves to counter-attack. They don’t expect it, they think you’ll fold. But when you don’t fold they can be quickly turned into the person they really are: inarticulate, floundering, and stupid.

Most of the time, simply ignoring is sensible…who has time really to deal with jerks. Muting them is useful too. It’s less than satisfying, but at least it ends the situation.

But if you want to fight back, a good approach is turn whatever it is they’re sayng back on them. Find a weakness in their words. Take a few seconds to read what they just said and turn it back on them. They’ll get flummoxed and will resort to banal insults (“Fuck you!” see above for response)

Damage THEIR self-esteem for a change. A quick scan of their avi can be a gold mine. Leave THEM sputtering and searching for a comeback. Seriously, do you really CARE what they think?

Then nuke them.

Poll: How Much A Part of Your Life is Being Big Booby?

Are you a 100% Big Booby girl, i.e., you never go anywhere with your implants? Or are you more of a part-time person? Take the poll and, if you have time, add a comment about your lifestyle choice. Remember: when you share information and insight, it’s good for ALL of us!

Going Huge: Why Do You Do It?


I recently ran a poll here asking peeps to tell us all what their average breast size is. I was, to say the least, a bit surprised by the results.

At last count 56 48% said 3000 cc and over. That really is LARGE.

Normally, I go at about 2050 cc which I estimate to be about a size DDD or F cup size. In real life, that would be very noticeable on the street, but not otherworldly. Most of the dancers at my club, Miss Barbies, also tend to stay somewhere under 2100.

But SL isn’t the street, I realize that. And, I also realize that there are guys out there (and prolly chicas too) who really LOVE their babes to have Godzilla-size hooters.

I’m NOT being critical here. To each her own, and God bless ya. BUT, I’m super curious to know why you extremely large girls choose to go in that direction. Now, I’m completely discounting peeps who go super-duper-mega for show purposes. Again, I understand that, I even have some regular customers who totally insist on me going way past 3000. But that’s for a show, that’s not day-in, day-out.

So talk to me…and talk to your sisters. There is no judging here. I’m with you. But this is SO interesting…

Comment here…

Love you all.

My Scariest Moments: Talking Big Boobies With My Lover

I came to Second Life in June after spending quite a long time on a virtual world called RedLight Center. It was on RLC where I met my wonderful love, Whimsy, in July 2008. We were married in April 2009.

We had a wonderful time on RLC, many friends, a busy social life, and lots of laughs. We even dabbled a bit in creating our own larger breasts. But RLC avis, while quite lovely, don’t allow for anything like attachments or even system-based body shaping, other than height. So we played with a few photo tricks and shadowing to make our boobies appear a bit larger than normal.

By early summer, it was becoming very obvious to me that RLC simply couldn’t outgrow several limitations that I began to find annoying and damaging to the experience. So like many who were there, I came to SL, loved it, and began splitting time between locations.

Whim wasn’t convinced about SL. I won’t go into reasons, but suffice it to say that she wasn’t ready. So I made my time on SL basically into a scouting mission, learning as much as I could, finding cool places, fixing my look, the usual things noobies do I guess.

I’m a dancer. It’s very important to me. Not the tips…the SHOW. So when I felt ok about my looks I started to look for dance gigs. It was while scouring the clubs that I first came across girls with implants. I was instantly fascinated. WHY this was so I’ll leave to another post, but I loved the look and, honestly, they made a very loud statement to me: “I’m proud of my breasts! Take ’em or leave ’em!”

I sorta couldn’t help myself. I did a little research, talked to some girls, and decided that Implant Nation boobies were the best for me. I’ll never forget how nervous and excited I was when I first tried them on at the store. I looked atrocious, looking back, but just loved how they looked and how they made me feel.

I was quite shy about wearing them in public. I worried about what others might say or think. I got over that fast, but one big worry stayed in my head: what would my love think?

Back on RLC one night, I talked to her a little about it. It was lighthearted, but I recall telling her why I found the look so enjoyable and right for me. At this time she still wasn’t really in SL but she seemed generally OK with it all. Soon after, I ginned up my courage and posted my first picture where she could see how I looked.

She sorta chuckled, said something about how big they were, and asked a few general questions. I wasn’t sure, really, how she felt and dropped the subject. More important things were happening.

In SL, I had become a regular performer at Miss Barbies. Now with a decent wardrobe, I never went anywhere with my implants. Seems odd even saying that. It would have been like going out without my head. They are a part of me. I put up a few more pics where Whim could see me. She didn’t say much, and it was certainly not negative. More like noncommital.

In early October, she made the jump to SL. It was wonderful. Truly one of the happiest periods in my life. A second honeymoon filled with exploration and laughs and learning.

Except for shows, I hardly ever wore my boobies around her. It felt odd, like I was ashamed, but really I was more scared and I didn’t want anything to interfere with the glorious times we were having. But not long after, I had to know. Would she still love me, and feel the same way about me, when I was as I truly wanted to be?

As a side note, without getting toooooo personal, in RL, Whim and I are kinda different body wise. She’s kinda short, I’m kinda tall. We’re both skinny belinks as Mom would say. She’s cute and young, gorgeous, smart, sexy, a barrell of monkeys to be with, inquisitive, and did I mention, beautiful? And she’s bigger them me upfront. How much bigger? Nunya bidness. Not that I’ve ever cared about that (well, I do care but in ways that you’ll just have to keep to your imagination cuz I ain’t tellin’!). But I did wonder if the reversal of things would bug her. I worry about a lot of things.

So, we had a talk. I was petrified, but I had to know.

I’ll never, ever forget what she said:

“I love you, Cindy. And if you love how it all makes you feel and look, then I love that too.”

When you have someone like that in your life, you have found the top of the mountain. And the view from there is breathtaking.

We’ll be celebrating our 18th month together in January.

PS-Do you have a “Scariest Moment” as an implant girl? Drop me a line and I’ll publish it!