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Big Booby Girls RAWKIN’!

My club bizness partner Barbie is not only one of the great, great dancers in SL, she’s also a musician. And she’s crazy fun. She’s been saying for weeks that we need a band at Miss Barbie’s Big Booby Club and I truly did not know what the hell she meant.

I found out last night. We set up a stage, with amps and mics and drums and an organ…got a nice dance area, complete with a good dance ball. And then we it UP! That’s Barbie11us Axel in the shades and jeans on the left on her hot lead guitar, the awesome emilybee Baxton on the drums, Minka Pearl on the keyboards and moi on rhythm guitar.

We’ll be rockin’ at Miss Barbie’s regularly…I’ll put up a schedule soon…lots of laughs and dancing girls and friends.

Drop on by!


Pictorial: Melissa Yeuxdeux

With looks like hers, you can bet she’s it a lot: Yeuxdeux something to me, like nobody else can do…

Go, Melissa!

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Minka: Style and Hawtness!

Is that hat awesome or not?

Woooooo. Minka Pearl created it and you can get it at her store for 100L. Now that is a deal! And check out her blog! It’s in my blogroll on the right side of the page. Visit her store soonest!

And here are some FABULOUS pics of Minka, and her cool stuff, on Flickr.

Woooo Peep Sideshow!

One of the hottest Big Booby girls in SL…and a super dancer!

Peep! Peep! Peep!

Send Me Your Hottest Pics!

…and I’ll post them here for all to see!

Here’s moi and my lovely dance partner, Kissesyousweetlygoodnight before our regular show at Miss Barbies:

Moi, waiting to go on stage…

Me and my beautiful GF Whimsy

Now let’s see one of yours!

Email me at and I’ll put it up!