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They said it…

From Tenyene Beaumont: “Breasts, regardless of size, are only as attractive as the person they are attached to.”


Send Me Your Hottest Pics!

…and I’ll post them here for all to see!

Here’s moi and my lovely dance partner, Kissesyousweetlygoodnight before our regular show at Miss Barbies:

Moi, waiting to go on stage…

Me and my beautiful GF Whimsy

Now let’s see one of yours!

Email me at and I’ll put it up!

Let’s Get Started!

Hi there!

As a member of the Big Booby girl community in Second Life, I’ve found that a lot of us still don’t know a great deal about how our beloved tatas really work. Sooooo, I’m going to try to explain it in this blog which I hope will eventually become a place for all sorts of how-tos, news, pictures, tips, and gossip about our gang.