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Poll: How Much A Part of Your Life is Being Big Booby?

Are you a 100% Big Booby girl, i.e., you never go anywhere with your implants? Or are you more of a part-time person? Take the poll and, if you have time, add a comment about your lifestyle choice. Remember: when you share information and insight, it’s good for ALL of us!


POLL: What is Your Favorite Personal Booby Size?

As a showgirl and a dancer, I’ve had the chance to see and meet a fairly large number of peeps in our community. It doesn’t take a whole of lot of contact with our gang to see that there is a very wide variety of implant sizes, just like in RL. And believe me, here in Southern California, you can see that on any beach or boardwalk.

Why some like to go just a bit over the stock largest size found on any AVI, while others go for the “Grand Tetons” is something we’ll explore a bit later.

But what is your favorite size? Whether it’s the one you use most often or the one that you just love most doesn’t matter. What matters is the size most pleases you.

Here’s another interesting question: if you were to estimate based on your look when at your favorite size, what do you think your real world cup size would be? Obviously, this can be a little hard to estimate, but looking at myself and comparing it to RL photos when wearing my favorite size (about 2050 cc), I believe that it is roughly the equivalent of an “F” (also known as DDD) cup size in the real world. But that’s just a guess.

Take the poll! And, as always, you’re welcome to send in comments and photos! If you want to send me a picture, email me at